Håll utkik efter mina veckobrev som innehåller tips på hur du kan förbättra ditt liv.
Missa inte detta, jag har alltid något spännande på gång som jag vill dela med mig av.
Jag hoppas att du kan lära dig något av mina erfarenheter och misstag som kan göra ditt liv mer meningsfullt. Häng på!

Once I was blind, but now I see.

”When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”. Viktor Frankel Isn’t that the truth!? I have been trying to fix, manage and control nearly every facet of my life for so many years that I really had myself believing that I had this power. The thought of that

When in financial doubt… start digging deep.

Do you ever have days where you feel like the money you have just won’t last? Won’t cover your bills or get you to the next pay check? I know I have. My entire career I have always had plenty of money. I have lived within my means. My parents raised me to never spend

Love exciting and new, come aboard we’re expecting youuuuuuu….

And we’re back from the US. Feeling a bit jet lagged today but it was all worth it! It was a short trip (6 days) but it was long enough to see the entire family and to celebrate the marriage of my sweet God Daughter Miss Emma to her beloved Chad. Marriage of Emma and

Paris in the springtime…. mon dieu!

I took 4 years of French in high school and  I should have paid more attention. Thankfully I travelled with my bestie Tim who happens to be a genius with languages. Flying non stop on SAS from Stockholm to Paris took only 2 hours and 15 minutes, easy peasy!! The point of my being invited

Summer, summer, summer time. A little DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince AND an exercise for you to start this season off right

It’s the most wonderful time of the yeaaaaar. Oh wait, that’s another song. The summer weather is here, birds are singing, pollen is flying and filthing up everything (at least it covers over the dust in my house and I blame it on that :)) and we have vacations about to start. What are your

Sweden and her interesting traditions – Ascension PLUS Cow Release Day!

Happy Thursday! Or better yet Happy Ascension Day (translated to Christ flies to Heaven Day in Sweden). For being such a non religious country, I have never lived in a place where more religious holidays are observed. Read: Free day off from work. The weather has been absolutely unbelievable recently and today was no exception.

You ever feel alone? Six principals on how you can COACH YOURSELF to a new and better life

Who doesn’t want to have a better life? I can’t think of one person that doesn’t have at least one part of their world that doesn’t need some sort of improvement. I certainly know I do and I this is what I  work with every single day! Let me share my latest discovery about myself.

The 5 rites – how I got a flat (well, flattttter) belly in 10 weeks

Hi there! Finally! The world winning video of all time has been produced. It took years to make it this perfect and it is here for your viewing pleasure! 🙂 OK, well, maybe not so perfect but that’s not the point. If I wait for someone else to help me film this it will never

My little slice of heaven on earth

This week I have been spending my time in Surahammar, Sweden attending a course on Self Esteem, Stress and Mindfulness Coaching. The reason I decided to invest another week of my life on yet another education is so that I can have the additional coaching skills in my tool box and so that I can

Death and dying. How losing loved ones helped me find my way.

Ever since 2005 I have had a different view of dying. August of 2005 I lost my father at the age of 71 to asbestos cancer AND my best friend who was 43 years old died 2 weeks later of an embolism. It was a surreal time in my life, to say the least, and